Friday, May 28, 2010

I feel like a fly on the wall this week!

This week has been the biggest Bat week at Continuity yet!!! We have completed Issue#1 and it is "IN"! The inking and coloring looks great ! I have posted some of this Great art below. Make sure you click on the pages that say "click on me". They will open up to be the double page spreads that they are and then, you should find the one that has our guest inker working with Neal. A big friend...... And probably my favorite artist in the whole world .......Worked on the spread with Neal. You tell me who you think it is ?????????
I also have posted all the covers done to date. We handed in Issue #3s cover to Batman Odyssey this week. And it Rocks. You have to look at it closely to see what you are supposed to see. Make sure to check that out. I am hoping that DC might do a poster with this cover. I know I want one for my office.
We also decided to see how Neals art would look on a skateboard deck. Our first samples came in this week and they look Amazing. We are thinking about doing a limited edition. I have
one hanging in my office and everyone stops and says" That looks great". "I want one" I just need to know from you guys if you think you would be interested in these as a product? I think we will be selling and displaying these at San Diego Comic Con if you guys like them.
Please make sure to check out our store. Jason has some new art up and I know we have been selling a lot of pieces in the last two weeks. Our store is on our home page up near the top.
You can also still pick up the "Neal Adams" Batman Volumes which we have available. I know Jason has some good bundle deals on the site as well.
And last for this week, I need to remind you that Neal will be doing a science lecture in Long Beach California this month June 26th and this convention is free. "Public Science Day"

Buzzing out

Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Big Big Week !

Hi Everyone,
This week we are making the big announcement that Neal will be appearing in Long Beach California at a Science Convention. He is one of the guest speakers on Saturday June 26th at
noon. It is in a really great looking building that is shaped like a pyramid and I hear they do a lot of experiments as exhibits. A total geek out Saturday and Neal will be giving a presentation of his growing planet theory. I asked if we could put up one of his video's on Kris's World this week for free and he agreed. Please check it out! Maybe this explains all the earthquakes and Volcano eruptions we've been having? I know I took another look at his theory ! If you need to see more you can buy them on the first page of our site under Neals Science "A New Model Of The Universe" It's on the right hand side of our page.
The second big piece of news for Continuity this week is that a lot of art sold this week from
the Neal Adams Original Art Store. We will be putting up some new pieces this week but I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that we have original art up for sale on our site. Just look for the Neal Adams Store. Don't miss out. I bet Neal will become very hot once that Batman Odyssey Book hits the stands. My brother Jason handles all the sales and he is the nicest person to deal with and makes payment plans really easy.
Third big piece of news is Taco Bell has launched a new campaign this week that Continuity worked on. You can see it on our first page or you can look for it on You Tube. You have to check it out. Its really funny. Everyone likes to watch it.
And the last piece of news for this week is......... Drum Roll Please...... We have handed in 10 more pages of the Batman Odyssey series bringing our total up to 190 penciled pages. Meaning we are up to page 15 in Issue #8. I see no problems ahead. Just make sure you have reserved
your copy. I want no crying. I have a prediction that the Odyssey numbers will be higher
than the top selling DC book out these days.

So, embrace the inner science nerd in all of us and watch Neal's theory.
Signing out

Friday, May 7, 2010

Batman Odyssey #1

Batman Odyssey #1, make sure your retailer is going to have a copy for you..
I posted the cover of Odyssey #1 which is also on Previews this month and I posted the very first spread that appears in the book. This is going to be a very hot book that will fly off the shelves. A lot of excitement and events are building up for the release.
Neal is up to page 20 of Issue #8 in pencils. We have handed in a lot of Neal Adams inked pages this week and Continuity Studios is busy coloring fantastic pages.
We signed Neal up to do a signing at Midtown Comics, in Manhattan, our home town on July 10th. If you check out Midtown comics site you can find out more information on the signing. I sure wouldn't miss out on getting my copy of Odyssey signed by Neal in the same week the book ships! Check into Kris's World for more up and coming events.

Superman Vs Muhammad Ali
This book is also planned to be released this summer. DC is working hard on the new color work that Neal is over seeing for this book. This is the first reprinting of the most iconic fight
in comic history.

Neal Adams Art Book
I changed out my top art to show some more spreads that are inside the greatest Neal Adams art book done to date because I feel we really dug deep to pull pieces of art that people have
either never seen or haven't seen in a very long time. This book will be released at San Diego and it is published by Vanguard.

This is turning into the hottest summer ever. Here is a list of what we have coming out.
Savage 1 and Savage 2 from Continuity Publishing due out in July
Neal Adams Art Book from Vanguard due out this summer.
Superman VS Muhammad Ali due out this summer.
Batman Odyssey #1 due out July 7th. Call your retailer.