Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Kristmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Kristmas and Happy Holidays everyone.
I realized today, that Neal or Continuity really hasn't done a lot of art based on this Holiday season.
I did find some old favorites from the past so I loaded them up.
Everyone , please have a fantastic holiday and enjoy your family a lot this season.  I know I will.

Till next week
Merry Kristmas and Happy Hanukkah

Friday, December 9, 2011

Jerry Robinson Tribute

This week we had the passing of a great talent Jerry Robinson and many reporters were calling and asking for stories about Jerry. Neal ended up telling this one and I decided to put it up and do a little tribute to Mr. Robinson this week.
 The first time I remember meeting Mr. Robinson was the day the photo of the great handshake happened. I ended up coming into Continuity and Mr. Robinson, Mr. Siegel, Mr. Shuster and Mr. Adams, ha ha, my dad, all standing around being very happy. I knew who Jerry and Joe had created, but I wasn't sure about the older gentleman that was with them so, I went in the back of the studio and asked one of The Crusty Bunkers. He said, "Kris, I can't believe you don't know who that is?"in a really mean tone. I then went into another room and asked the same question to a nicer Crusty Bunker. He said that the older gentleman is the man that created Joker and Robin. I laughed and left and then thought about it. I went back into the reception area and thought how lucky am I to be in the same room with the creators of Superman, the guy who created the worst villain ever and the guy who drew the best Batman and Superman in the world. That is a day I will never forget.
Now for Neal's piece:

We have just seen the passing of not only one of the greatest comic books geniuses of our time, but also unique in that generation.

A true Mensch, an activist, a man, a stand up brother. Yes, even in that first generation of comic book artists there were true revolutionaries who stepped out into other areas of art and thinking.

While he was a comic book artist, he created great comic book characters, but in a day where the goal of comic artists was to create a syndicated comic strip, Jerry simply became another total human being. His comic strip and editorial work was not more of the same, it was editorial, it was humorous, it said things. It wasn't oh-here's-what-I-can-do, it was, "I have opinions and a sense of humor and, by the way, I'll express them with drawings as well."

Jerry represented the brotherhood of the medium, the reaching out to other artists of other countries who were doing political cartoons with humor that sought to bring about cultural change.

Jerry was elected the President of the Cartoonists Society and was there when I had to reach out to them to help me with re-establishing the reputation of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. I have no idea what another President of the Cartoonists Society would have said. I can tell you only that with Jerry Robinson, I didn't even get a chance to finish asking the question when he called out to me "of course I'll help with this, Neal, I've been following it."

You will never know the Jerry Robinson that I knew, and I promise you that had you, you would a better person for it. I believe I am a better person for knowing him. And I say this with tremendous pride: Jerry Robinson liked me.

Rest In Piece Mr Robinson
Neal and Kris Adams

Friday, December 2, 2011

This week is Batman week

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving last week. I hoped you tried our famous stuffing as well as Neal's Rice Krispy Treats.
This week Batman Odyssey Vol. 2 #2 came out. I hope you picked up a copy. This is one of my favorite covers in the series. We are now in the Underworld and it's only going to get more exciting. I posted up pages that we just handed in on Vol. 2 #4 so you can see what will be going on with this series. I'm telling you , you just can't miss this series.
I also posted up some of our commercial work that we do at Continuity. This is one of our latest samples for CGI gaming using motion capture. I hope that the big gaming companies will give us a chance.
We did do some work on Camp Cabela's Adventure Camp that came out from Activision and now I have the bug to do more.
We still have exciting Christmas sales going on in the store. Books, Posters and Original art so please take a look through what we have and you can always ask for a custom made piece by calling Continuity directly and asking for Jason Adams. I know, you know, a special someone, that you can convince this is really what you want for Xmas.
Next week the tree goes up at Continuity and Christmas shopping begins.

Stay Warm till Next Week

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving,
This is my favorite holiday. I love my family and I love the good cooking that comes with everyone of them. Everyone in my family loves to cook and of course we love to eat as well. My Parents cook, Marilyn cooks. My Brothers and Sister cooks. My husband and kids cook. Everyone has their own special dish and we are all very secretive about our recipes. We all beg each other for the special recipe but usually you can't convince anyone of them or myself to divulge it. If you did, you would lose their
need of you. It's kinda like a special power. Kinda like a superhero for an hour while everyone enjoys
your great cooking. This all seems to really come out during the holidays. My parental units seem to be the winners during Thanksgiving. Me and my siblings and my children seem to be the superheroes of Christmas. My parents were nice enough to share what I perceive to be their super powers at Thanksgiving below. You should give it a try. My mom's stuffing recipe is cooked in many comic book artists homes. When I was a kid, many of the comic artists would come to our house for Turkey  dinners just for my mom's stuffing. We all fight over it.  Mom's great beautiful browned Turkey. Stuffing oozing out of it and (now I am going to date myself) Boone's Farm Apple wine. Now can you guess what generation of comic artists I grew up with? All of them would get really close to my mom in hopes to get her special stuffing recipe and some of them did.
Onto my dad's Rice Krispy Treats recipe. My dad makes two things that I can never make as good as he can. One is my dad's omelet. My dad has the ability to take any left over in the fridge put it in an omelet and turn it into a cheesy, wonderful, tasty, egg dish. The problem is I would have to come up with an excuse to sleep over at my dad's in order to get one of these tasty omeletes. Hmmm, I'll have to work on this.
Back to Thanksgiving. If we are lucky my dad will take time off from inking a Batman head or pencilling a Wolverine action sequence or shooting a bunch of thugs in Blood in order to make my favorite...Rice Krispy treats, which my dad makes with the most amount of butter possible. They are yummy chewy treats. Who would think the guy that draws ultra violent, high end action so lovingly makes Rice Krispy Treats for his family for Thanksgiving? Obviously, I am using this blog in hopes that my dad will read it and secure my Rice Krispy Treats for this Thanksgiving dinner. I'll let you know if it works.
On to comic news.
Batman Odyssey Vol2 #2 comes out November 30th. This issue has one of my favorite covers in the series and I have seen them all. Batman explores the Underworld and tries to learn how to ride a Dinosaur and loses.  Flying Bats, Dinosaurs, gorgeous art. And all the clues that Neal laid in the first 6 issues start to make sense in the back end of this story. You have to pick up this Issue!
Blood ships this coming Wednesday in Dark Horse presents and on Tuesday we will have a sneak peak of the entire series on this site. Check it out on Tuesday and buy your copy on Wednesday.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 4, 2011


By now, you all should have seen, bought, read and loved New Avengers #16.1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Neal Adams and Tom Palmer, but I bet most of you haven’t seen the awesome variant covers Neal has been doing for New Marvel #1s. There’s an iconic Captain America, which we did for Captain America #1 (Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven), Punisher #1 cover (Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto) and a Ghost Rider #1 (Rob Williams and Matthew Clark). Then there’s the Daredevil #1 cover, which we get asked about all the time. THIS ONE IS A WINNER. Jason my brother is busy having copies CGC'd and will have it in our store next week. The Daredevil fans are crazy-loyal to their hero. The Marvel “Man Without Fear” is written by Mark Waid and drawn by Paolo Manuel Rivera and Marcos Martin. And finally, one of my favorite covers is for Hulk #1, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by one of our favorites, Mark Silvestri. I love this book so far! I love the art and the story and my dad's variant cover.

But the real reason it’s Marvel week here at Continuity is that Neal has been doing all this fantastic work for Marvel while working on all his other projects. Plus another project that I can't talk about.

I still love and push everyone to get copies of Blood from Dark Horse and Batman Odyssey from DC , both real butt kickers. 

Also if you don't know what to buy your nephew or niece who are maybe 12 or 13 or slightly
older Cabella's Adventure Camp is a blast. We bought our copy on Tuesday and we have played a couple of rounds when Neal isn't watching.......

I would also advice you to check out the deals that Jason is starting to put up in our store.
We are starting our Holiday Rush and Jason is making some great deals on the Sketchbooks
as well as you can buy a book from our site and ask to have it customized with a Batman head on a Batman book for that special someone in your life.

Things are Jumping at Continuity and we know the Holiday Season is right around the corner.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Don't miss out on Continuity's first platform game

On Novemeber 1st (TUESDAY), from Activision , Cabela's Adventure Camp comes out and I can't wait.
Why am I so excited ? First of all it is a great game . Second, I got to work on it.  Besides doing a lot of comic work at Continuity and advertising we are stepping into the world of gaming with our 2 motion capture stages and our staff of very talented CGI guys. It was a nail biting first experience and I can't wait to do more. Hey, maybe some day we could do the motion capture and models for a superhero game. H?How cool would that be? Neal Adams designed CGI models of your favorite comic character. I know I would love to see that.
In the Cabela's Adventure camp game, which is a Kinex game, you get to do Thrill Hill biking, Wild river kayaking , Wave riding, Skeet shooting, Castaway fishing, Archery Arcade, and Bear hunter Ninja.
I'll be waiting outside of Gamestop first thing on Tuesday morning. I will tell you how the gameplay is
next week. Oh, I almost forgot. I really had a great Producer to work with me on this from Activision. Thank you for the big chance.
Now on to Batman Odyssey. Last week Bats Volume 2 #1 came out and it answers a lot of what has been going on in the first 6 issues. You have to get this book. You get to see the Underworld for the first time and it is the beginning of Batman's true Odyssey. It is a can't miss book.  It has Neal Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Neary, and Michael Golden inking. This almost sounds like a Crusty Bunker job. Hmmmm? Try and pick what pages where done by who. The book is Really great. It is a must have. Dinosaurs, the Sensei from Deadman, Ra's Al Ghul, and 2 new characters, one of which was on the cover of Issue#5 which I know everyone questioned, "Who is that guy in blue and purple?"
I know everyone is busy with the 52 but I would definitely get this and make it 53.

Also still out on the stands is "New Avengers 16.1" from Marvel, another must have book. Neal Adams and Tom Palmer from the original Xmen series team up once again and they both still click. Paul Mounts does some beautiful coloring and it is scribed by Brian Michael Bendis, another master.

Blood- Dark Horse presents #5. Another 8 page sequence. Tons of blood and violence. Lionel is still alive yet still getting a beating. I don't know how he's doing it. He certainly doesn't have a glass jaw, that's for sure.  The story is also starting to go into where the Blood character comes from.  Again, a series that should be followed closely.

Prints and sketch books. You really have to check out our store and see our super sale on sketchbooks for Xmas which you can have Neal Adams customize with your favorite characters. A fantastic Xmas present for yourself or that special someone - which is yourself. Ha ha.

See you next week. (Maybe not if I play to much Camp Cabela.)

Friday, October 21, 2011

I had a Fantastic time at NY Comic Con

New York Comic Con was bigger than ever so I went with Pete and shot some photos and put together a small clip of things that I saw from the Neal Adams Continuity Booth. Make sure to check it out. This show was very exciting for us because we got to do art on one of the GM Sonic cars.  My flip on the first page is the back end of the car. Our car was the best in the show. The Video Games where right behind us so I got to see all the exciting games that are coming out for Christmas like the new 007 Goldeneye. Arkhum City from Warners looks fantastic. I'm running out tonight to buy my copy so I can tell you next week if it's great which I am sure it is..
Back to Neal Adams. We had two comics ship this week. One from DC "Batman Odyssey Vol 2 #1" has hit the shelves as well as Dark Horse Presents with Neal's new feature "BLOOD". You have to check out both. Next Tuesday I will be putting up art from the next Issue of Odyssey as well as the next Issue of Blood.
Prints. Prints was my big seller during the con so I begged Neal to let me sell prints on my site and sell it through our store. Each week I will feature a new print and if you can think of a piece you'd like to have please write me a comment and I will see if we can dig it up and make it one of our official prints we are now selling.
We will also be doing a lot more shows this year into next since Neal has "Batman Odyssey, Blood,
a Special Marvel project and Rise of Magic all going on this year into next so I hope that I can meet
many of you this coming year.


Thursday, October 13, 2011


YES, we have brought back the original CRUSTY BUNKER T-SHIRT from the glorious days
of Continuity Studios 48th Street. Many a noble artist has gone through the halls of Continuity and
have been dubbed a CRUSTY BUNKER.  You to can own a CRUSTY BUNKER SHIRT.
We are selling them in many sizes at our Booth #1031 for $20.00. Don't miss out on a piece of History.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who's Coming To New York Comic Con

Here is our list of who will be at our booth.
Neal Adams - Artist and writer on just about every character in the comic Universe
Joel Adams - Created his own line of characters called Lilz.
Josh Adams - Artist on Dr Who for IDW
Peter Stone - Writer on most of Continuity Comics comic line.
Marilyn Adams - Producer for Continuity Studios
Zeea Adams Moss - Computer colorist and editor at Continuity Studios
Kris Adams Stone - Kris's World person and Producer at Continuity Studios

Can't wait to show you, a oldie but goodie, "World Famous Crusty Bunker Shirt"  A shirt that was made originally back in the early 70's like 1974 in the front studio of the World Famous Continuity Studios.
Worn by the elite Crusty Bunkers. You can get your very own piece of history at the Continuity Booth.
I know I will be wearing mine.
We really do have some great prints we are selling. Covers of Continuity's loved characters, Warp,
Ms Mystic, Bruce Lee, Michael Golden's Bucky O ' Hare and many more.
New Rise of Magic Sketchbook for the convention that has more of the fantastic art that is also promoted on the GM Sonic car right by our booth.

So Come On Down and have a great time with us at our booth.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Can't Wait To See You At New York Comic Con

Come and meet all of us at the New York Comic Con. Neal Adams, Joel Adams, Josh Adams and some other Adams will be at the Continuity Booth #1031. (I can't wait.)
Neal Adams will be signing and drawing sketches at the booth throughout the whole convention.
Please come and be welcomed at the booth. Neal always enjoys a good conversation while he is signing and drawing. Ask him about anything that pops into your head.
(1) What projects is he working on? (I hear it's a lot of projects)
(2) Are you enjoying comics as much as you used to in the past?
(3) What is that "Growing Planet" science theory and project that you have really about?
(4) How was it working with Brian Michael Bendis and Tom Palmer on the "New Avengers 16.1"?
Neal will be doing one signature free and $5.00 per signature after unless you buy an item from the Continuity table, then that item would be signed for free as well.
We will be selling many new prints at this convention of very special pieces done by Neal Adams, a lot of fan favorite pieces. We will be selling them for $30.00 for the first print and $20.00 for any additional prints you may want to buy. You can even get a price for an original drawing of your favorite character added to it.
We will also be selling original art and sketches from $200.00 and up. If you want an original drawing drawn during the convention please get on the list at the booth early.

We have a new sketchbook the Rise of Magic and Blood sketchbook which has additional art based on the car at the show. You may ask, "What Car?" Neal did a car wrap for the new Chevy Sonic car which will be located near our booth. Check it out. A car with Neal Adams art wrapped around it . I want one!
Maybe I can ask my dad for Xmas? Hummmm, I'll have to think about that.
We will also be selling the Neal Adams Odyssey Hardcover Sketchbook by Vanguard which is selling
out fast so if you want a copy please get to our booth. We are down to the bottom of the print run.

Joel Adams- Yes one of my brothers. the one who helps me with all the graphics on Kris's World,
will be drawing and selling his new 'Lilz" collection. They are so cute! I love them! Check them out for Xmas presents for any girlfriend, sister or wife. Lilz are becoming very popular and have a strong growing fan base.
Josh Adams will also be at our table drawing and signing his first full length comic book "Dr Who"
which shipped out the same week as Neal's Avengers 16.1 comic. Dr Who fans, you have to check out Josh.
Some of you may say "Hey, What about Spyda?" Yes, the other brother also known as Jason. Spyda has his own booth now, Booth # L6  in artist alley.   Jason has a New Anatomy book. A MUST HAVE! As well, he will be selling his older ones. He also is selling his statues and models and hand made sculpting tools. If you are a sculptor or wanna be sculptor you cannot miss out on this. Once again he is at Booth #L6.
I will be at the show as well. YEA !  Helping you with all your questions and buys. Ask anyone at our table any questions you may have. Everyone is knowledgable or will know who to ask to help you with your purchases or questions.

Thank you Michael Golden for the new set of ears.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is a new test !

Kris's World will be comming back soon. I will have a update about the New York Comic Convention and what Neal Adams and Continuity will be showing and doing.
Please come back on Friday.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Answers for Batman Odyssey

I just got in answers this week as to what is going on with Batman Odyssey. DC Comics will be continuing it starting in October. It will start with Issue#7, it will go to Issue#13 and then they will be collecting it into one book. Neal has inked the 13th Issue and color work is getting done.
I predict this will be an exciting ending that everyone will talk about for a long time. October just seems like a long time to wait..... I hate waiting.
On to other news. We just handed in today the last page of New Avengers that we are doing for Marvel. Brian Michael Bendis wrote it and Tom Palmer is inking it as we speak. Once again a great looking book. I can't wait to see it once it's inked !!!! I believe this book goes on sale in September.
Nice Fall Line up
On to more News
Blood. Our second chapter of Blood comes out through Dark Horse I believe next week in Dark Horse Presents #2. It will have a Neal Adams Blood cover on it so it will be easy to spot.
More fantastic art by that Neal guy. Boy he's been busy.
And if that's not enough. Our next project that we will be starting next week...........
Drum roll please....... A Five part special Wolverine story........for Marvel. I PROMISE this will be big.
And in the inner sanctum of Continuity I am hearing rumbling of RISE OF MAGIC!
Don't quote me on that. I believe its a secret.
I will keep you posted with great art and I hear we may also be adding to Kris World.
Stay Tuned

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bucky O"Hare at

Hi ,
We have added a new book which will be monthly to our account 'BUCKY O'HARE .. BUCKY O' HARE ... DID I SAY BUCKY O'HARE ? I am excited to say you can pick up Neal Adams "Monsters"... and now "Bucky O"Hare by Larry Hama and Michael Golden. Just click Publisher Neal Adams. We have free materials of Bucky like a full cartoon and game pages as well as our first issue of Bucky for sale at $2.00. A great deal.
We are busy talking to many game developers in hopes of bringing Bucky back for game play. I know I miss my Konami Bucky O'Hare game. How about you?
Next, if you haven't noticed already, we have been doing a number of varient covers for Marvel
which I show below. We are also doing a one full issue of "New Avengers" with Brian Michael Bendis and Tom Palmer. Very exciting... I have seen a OUT of this world Green Goblin spread that rocks. Sorry I can't show that yet.. Waw waw. The Return of Norman Osborne......
And then to maybe top that.....Hmmmm. We are going to be at the NY Big Apple Comic Con next weekend May 21 and 22. I'm sure Neal will have copies of his pages from Batman Odyssey as well as the New Avengers so stop by our booth. We are always right to the left of the door as you come in. I know we have prints, books and original art sketches for sale and Neal is always good for great conversation. Hope to see you soon.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blood is coming

This week I decided I would start showing our latest creation "Blood". This series will be coming from Dark Horse in the famous "Dark Horse Presents" format. Neal will be running 8
pages of Blood for each issue. Since it is only 8 pages I don't really want to show a lot of it right now. Dark Horse Presents is on sale April 20th and I don't want any one to miss it so make sure your store has it on order for you. I know the first issue has a Frank Miller Interview as well. Sounds like a fantastic first Issue.
I also want to remind everybody that we have posted Neal Adams "Monster" book on under Neal Adams. We just sent out the first Issue of Bucky O'Hare and we are pulling out other great titles that we own. Digital comics rock. They are cheap and they look great, the color of the art just comes right off the page. If you ask me this is what my dad's art looks like before it goes to print and becomes muddy. Neal Adams art is meant for digital comics. We will be doing more of these soon.
I also believe that Batman Odyssey is waiting to ship out. I know DC put in for new solicitiations. Please keep a look out. I have posted the cover so you can lock it in so you don't miss it.
I also want to remind you that we will be at the Boston Comic Con which is also coming up very fast, it is the weekend of April 29- May 1st.
Can't wait to see everybody

Friday, March 4, 2011

Now I am Digitally Publishing

This week has been uber exciting for me. I got to go as Disney would say "into the vaults" of Continuity Comics and start picking what titles I would like to see as a digital comic since we have a Publishers spot on If you look under Neal Adams you will see my first digitally published graphic novel, the legendary "Monsters" that we all love in one story told by Neal Adams as well as illustrated by .... My dad, Neal Adams. I liked the book when it was in print but I love the book when you can see it digitally. You can blow up pages and the art is lit by the computer light which really makes the art look fantastic. Plus it's Monsters, how can that not be worth the $4.99 charge? It really, really looks great!
What should be next? What would you like to see? I was thinking Knighthawk and Bucky O'Hare.
Personally Bucky O' Hare has always been my favorite story that we ever printed which goes all the ways back to "Echo of Futurepast" . We could do Armor, Megalith, Cyberrad, Ms Mystic or
Samuree. So much great work to pick from. I can't wait.
Batman Odyssey- Just sent a whole lot of pages out to Bill Sienkiewicz for inking. He really is doing a great job with Neal and a lot of people have said they really like it. I can't wait for Issue #7 to come out so you can see the fantastic inking that people are doing for us. Golden and Neary with Bill and Neal. I posted up on my site the next cover that will be coming out soon.
You should also check out Neal's Blog on our site. He talks about going to the Boston Comic convention April 30- May 1st. We also posted a video of Neal drawing a Batman drawing. This is part one and then we have a part two for next week. I was just going to check to make sure it was up and even I who watch him every day got sucked in. Please don't tell him.
Please check out Monster's on I promise you won't be disapointed. If you click the logo on my page it will go right to the site.
Next week "Blood", the project we are doing for Dark Horse.
Have a great weekend

Friday, February 25, 2011

Batman ,Batman, Batman & Monster's

What has happened in Kris's World this week?
Neal Adams has handed in the final Issue of Pencils for Batman Odyssey #13 this week. It is
complete. (I hear clapping and cheering.) Neal has already started inking this last issue and it rocks.
We have our first e-comicbook, Neal Adams graphic novel "Monsters". If you are interested in
downloading it at a cost of $4.99 please go to in the publishers section. It is under Neal Adams. It looks fantastic and is a great read. What I love most is that you really can enlarge the pages and see the fabulous art. I will say I like the experience of seeing it on my ipad over seeing it in print (and I love print) but this looks really really great on a computer. A must-see experience.
I also wanted to let you in on our Issue#7 of Batman Odyssey. I did go out and get some guest inkers. I have the fantastic Paul Neary for 5 pages. I have the fantastic Bill Sienkiewicz and I have (1) Michael Golden page from the GoldenOne and I have of course the great Neal Adams inking as well. We also had great coloring done on this book by Ginger Karalexis, Cory Adams and Moose. We just sent in the final coloring on this book today and I think it is the best Issue yet and I am so happy that all these great people worked with me to make this book look great.
There are days that I step back and have to say "Who is luckier than me? I get to work with the most talented people in comics." I do feel this today, big time!
We will also be going into the vaults of Continuity Comics and will be pulling out some of our favorite comics revampng them a little bit and putting them up in the new Neal Adams section on Continuity Comics goes e-comics.

Stay Tuned to Kris's Wold
Next week "Blood"