Saturday, October 2, 2010

Everything we are taking to NY Comic con

Well, I did promise that I would list and show almost everything that we will have at our Booth at comic con. (We are booth #2164) So I made a movie because I could not fit all the great images of work from all the books and statues and shirts that we will be selling at the show. Please check
out my show and if you like this way of seeing what goes on at Continuity I can every once in a while do a movie like this. I hope you enjoy it.
Batman Odyssey #4 ships this week (I'm very excited) I think it is the best Issue so far.
Neal is busy inking away on Issue #5 which also looks fantastic, I can't wait to share. I hope to meet everyone at New York Comic con next weekend!

Almost forgot. You can buy all this product that I mentioned in my video at our store. Just say
you saw it in our video.

Till then


  1. Kris Just three words entertaining , informative , funny.Keep it up!!!!