Friday, November 19, 2010

Kris's Worlds One Year Aniversary

I thought it was appropriate to party with the one and only party man himself Joker....... I can't believe I started this a year ago. I sure have had a lot of fun. And I promise this year will be even better. I convinced them to put final cut pro in my computer so that I can film the crazy things that go on at Continuity during the week and then I can make videos to share with you. I really enjoyed doing the video of what we had for sale at the New York Comic Con and it was nice to meet a lot of you that seem to really enjoy Kris's World. That was really,really nice.
So lets get on with this week.......
I decided since we are in the heat of "Batman Odyssey" to make my page almost all about that.
I am very excited to say that you can pick up Batman Odyssey #5 next week while your eating Thanksgiving dinner. What a good book to read while digesting the best meal of the year!
I also wanted to share a page that came in from Batman Odyssey #6. Who is the guest inker for this book????? Drum roll please........ Bill Sienkiewicz. Yes, Bill is inking Issue #6 and its a great combination. We are very excited that Bill is working with us on this adventure. Tell me what you guys think. Who else do you think I should try and get to ink over Neal's pencils?
We have beautiful color work from interior pages of Batman Odyssey #5 as well.
Next week I will be showing the cover to Batman Odyssey #7. So check out my site next week
while enjoying the holiday.

PS I pulled out the famous Adams Family recipe for Thanksgiving stuffing.


  1. Happy Anniversary Kris!! It has been a great first year,your blogs are always fun and full of great stuff.Looking forward to more vidio and another great year. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Bill Sienkiewicz inking neals pencils. What a great idea! There art a number of artists I'd like to see inking. Terry Austin, Jim Starlin and Ron Frenz to name a few.

  3. Who else would I like to see inking BATMAN:ODYSSEY? Berni Wrightson, Tom Palmer, Terry Austin and Mark Farmer.

  4. I'd love to see Neal Adams' pencils inked by either Joe Kubert,or John Romita (Sr),or Tom Palmer.

  5. Kris Miss your Blog.Hope to hear from you soon!