Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving,
This is my favorite holiday. I love my family and I love the good cooking that comes with everyone of them. Everyone in my family loves to cook and of course we love to eat as well. My Parents cook, Marilyn cooks. My Brothers and Sister cooks. My husband and kids cook. Everyone has their own special dish and we are all very secretive about our recipes. We all beg each other for the special recipe but usually you can't convince anyone of them or myself to divulge it. If you did, you would lose their
need of you. It's kinda like a special power. Kinda like a superhero for an hour while everyone enjoys
your great cooking. This all seems to really come out during the holidays. My parental units seem to be the winners during Thanksgiving. Me and my siblings and my children seem to be the superheroes of Christmas. My parents were nice enough to share what I perceive to be their super powers at Thanksgiving below. You should give it a try. My mom's stuffing recipe is cooked in many comic book artists homes. When I was a kid, many of the comic artists would come to our house for Turkey  dinners just for my mom's stuffing. We all fight over it.  Mom's great beautiful browned Turkey. Stuffing oozing out of it and (now I am going to date myself) Boone's Farm Apple wine. Now can you guess what generation of comic artists I grew up with? All of them would get really close to my mom in hopes to get her special stuffing recipe and some of them did.
Onto my dad's Rice Krispy Treats recipe. My dad makes two things that I can never make as good as he can. One is my dad's omelet. My dad has the ability to take any left over in the fridge put it in an omelet and turn it into a cheesy, wonderful, tasty, egg dish. The problem is I would have to come up with an excuse to sleep over at my dad's in order to get one of these tasty omeletes. Hmmm, I'll have to work on this.
Back to Thanksgiving. If we are lucky my dad will take time off from inking a Batman head or pencilling a Wolverine action sequence or shooting a bunch of thugs in Blood in order to make my favorite...Rice Krispy treats, which my dad makes with the most amount of butter possible. They are yummy chewy treats. Who would think the guy that draws ultra violent, high end action so lovingly makes Rice Krispy Treats for his family for Thanksgiving? Obviously, I am using this blog in hopes that my dad will read it and secure my Rice Krispy Treats for this Thanksgiving dinner. I'll let you know if it works.
On to comic news.
Batman Odyssey Vol2 #2 comes out November 30th. This issue has one of my favorite covers in the series and I have seen them all. Batman explores the Underworld and tries to learn how to ride a Dinosaur and loses.  Flying Bats, Dinosaurs, gorgeous art. And all the clues that Neal laid in the first 6 issues start to make sense in the back end of this story. You have to pick up this Issue!
Blood ships this coming Wednesday in Dark Horse presents and on Tuesday we will have a sneak peak of the entire series on this site. Check it out on Tuesday and buy your copy on Wednesday.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Kris:

    For the past three years I've made the Italian Sausage Stuffing for our family Thanksgiving and EVERYBODY loves it. I always joke that it is an old family recipe, just not from our family. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    I might try to make Neal's Rice Krispy treats this year, too.



  2. You're making me very hungry as I read this post of yours! I think I'm gonna have to try to make some of the Rice Krispy Treats very soon.

    It was great meeting all of you earlier this week, when my Uncle Jim and I stopped by while I was visiting the city for a couple days. Thank you for being so generous with your time, especially with all the work that you all must be doing now. you are all incredibly nice, down-to-earth people. it was really an experience of a lifetime for both my Uncle and I, and one we appreciate very much. thank you and bless you all!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

    John Barrett,
    Manchester, NH

  3. Everybody have a fantastic tasty Thanksgiving.