Friday, November 4, 2011


By now, you all should have seen, bought, read and loved New Avengers #16.1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Neal Adams and Tom Palmer, but I bet most of you haven’t seen the awesome variant covers Neal has been doing for New Marvel #1s. There’s an iconic Captain America, which we did for Captain America #1 (Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven), Punisher #1 cover (Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto) and a Ghost Rider #1 (Rob Williams and Matthew Clark). Then there’s the Daredevil #1 cover, which we get asked about all the time. THIS ONE IS A WINNER. Jason my brother is busy having copies CGC'd and will have it in our store next week. The Daredevil fans are crazy-loyal to their hero. The Marvel “Man Without Fear” is written by Mark Waid and drawn by Paolo Manuel Rivera and Marcos Martin. And finally, one of my favorite covers is for Hulk #1, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by one of our favorites, Mark Silvestri. I love this book so far! I love the art and the story and my dad's variant cover.

But the real reason it’s Marvel week here at Continuity is that Neal has been doing all this fantastic work for Marvel while working on all his other projects. Plus another project that I can't talk about.

I still love and push everyone to get copies of Blood from Dark Horse and Batman Odyssey from DC , both real butt kickers. 

Also if you don't know what to buy your nephew or niece who are maybe 12 or 13 or slightly
older Cabella's Adventure Camp is a blast. We bought our copy on Tuesday and we have played a couple of rounds when Neal isn't watching.......

I would also advice you to check out the deals that Jason is starting to put up in our store.
We are starting our Holiday Rush and Jason is making some great deals on the Sketchbooks
as well as you can buy a book from our site and ask to have it customized with a Batman head on a Batman book for that special someone in your life.

Things are Jumping at Continuity and we know the Holiday Season is right around the corner.


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