Friday, October 7, 2011

Can't Wait To See You At New York Comic Con

Come and meet all of us at the New York Comic Con. Neal Adams, Joel Adams, Josh Adams and some other Adams will be at the Continuity Booth #1031. (I can't wait.)
Neal Adams will be signing and drawing sketches at the booth throughout the whole convention.
Please come and be welcomed at the booth. Neal always enjoys a good conversation while he is signing and drawing. Ask him about anything that pops into your head.
(1) What projects is he working on? (I hear it's a lot of projects)
(2) Are you enjoying comics as much as you used to in the past?
(3) What is that "Growing Planet" science theory and project that you have really about?
(4) How was it working with Brian Michael Bendis and Tom Palmer on the "New Avengers 16.1"?
Neal will be doing one signature free and $5.00 per signature after unless you buy an item from the Continuity table, then that item would be signed for free as well.
We will be selling many new prints at this convention of very special pieces done by Neal Adams, a lot of fan favorite pieces. We will be selling them for $30.00 for the first print and $20.00 for any additional prints you may want to buy. You can even get a price for an original drawing of your favorite character added to it.
We will also be selling original art and sketches from $200.00 and up. If you want an original drawing drawn during the convention please get on the list at the booth early.

We have a new sketchbook the Rise of Magic and Blood sketchbook which has additional art based on the car at the show. You may ask, "What Car?" Neal did a car wrap for the new Chevy Sonic car which will be located near our booth. Check it out. A car with Neal Adams art wrapped around it . I want one!
Maybe I can ask my dad for Xmas? Hummmm, I'll have to think about that.
We will also be selling the Neal Adams Odyssey Hardcover Sketchbook by Vanguard which is selling
out fast so if you want a copy please get to our booth. We are down to the bottom of the print run.

Joel Adams- Yes one of my brothers. the one who helps me with all the graphics on Kris's World,
will be drawing and selling his new 'Lilz" collection. They are so cute! I love them! Check them out for Xmas presents for any girlfriend, sister or wife. Lilz are becoming very popular and have a strong growing fan base.
Josh Adams will also be at our table drawing and signing his first full length comic book "Dr Who"
which shipped out the same week as Neal's Avengers 16.1 comic. Dr Who fans, you have to check out Josh.
Some of you may say "Hey, What about Spyda?" Yes, the other brother also known as Jason. Spyda has his own booth now, Booth # L6  in artist alley.   Jason has a New Anatomy book. A MUST HAVE! As well, he will be selling his older ones. He also is selling his statues and models and hand made sculpting tools. If you are a sculptor or wanna be sculptor you cannot miss out on this. Once again he is at Booth #L6.
I will be at the show as well. YEA !  Helping you with all your questions and buys. Ask anyone at our table any questions you may have. Everyone is knowledgable or will know who to ask to help you with your purchases or questions.

Thank you Michael Golden for the new set of ears.

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