Friday, October 21, 2011

I had a Fantastic time at NY Comic Con

New York Comic Con was bigger than ever so I went with Pete and shot some photos and put together a small clip of things that I saw from the Neal Adams Continuity Booth. Make sure to check it out. This show was very exciting for us because we got to do art on one of the GM Sonic cars.  My flip on the first page is the back end of the car. Our car was the best in the show. The Video Games where right behind us so I got to see all the exciting games that are coming out for Christmas like the new 007 Goldeneye. Arkhum City from Warners looks fantastic. I'm running out tonight to buy my copy so I can tell you next week if it's great which I am sure it is..
Back to Neal Adams. We had two comics ship this week. One from DC "Batman Odyssey Vol 2 #1" has hit the shelves as well as Dark Horse Presents with Neal's new feature "BLOOD". You have to check out both. Next Tuesday I will be putting up art from the next Issue of Odyssey as well as the next Issue of Blood.
Prints. Prints was my big seller during the con so I begged Neal to let me sell prints on my site and sell it through our store. Each week I will feature a new print and if you can think of a piece you'd like to have please write me a comment and I will see if we can dig it up and make it one of our official prints we are now selling.
We will also be doing a lot more shows this year into next since Neal has "Batman Odyssey, Blood,
a Special Marvel project and Rise of Magic all going on this year into next so I hope that I can meet
many of you this coming year.


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