Friday, October 28, 2011

Don't miss out on Continuity's first platform game

On Novemeber 1st (TUESDAY), from Activision , Cabela's Adventure Camp comes out and I can't wait.
Why am I so excited ? First of all it is a great game . Second, I got to work on it.  Besides doing a lot of comic work at Continuity and advertising we are stepping into the world of gaming with our 2 motion capture stages and our staff of very talented CGI guys. It was a nail biting first experience and I can't wait to do more. Hey, maybe some day we could do the motion capture and models for a superhero game. H?How cool would that be? Neal Adams designed CGI models of your favorite comic character. I know I would love to see that.
In the Cabela's Adventure camp game, which is a Kinex game, you get to do Thrill Hill biking, Wild river kayaking , Wave riding, Skeet shooting, Castaway fishing, Archery Arcade, and Bear hunter Ninja.
I'll be waiting outside of Gamestop first thing on Tuesday morning. I will tell you how the gameplay is
next week. Oh, I almost forgot. I really had a great Producer to work with me on this from Activision. Thank you for the big chance.
Now on to Batman Odyssey. Last week Bats Volume 2 #1 came out and it answers a lot of what has been going on in the first 6 issues. You have to get this book. You get to see the Underworld for the first time and it is the beginning of Batman's true Odyssey. It is a can't miss book.  It has Neal Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Neary, and Michael Golden inking. This almost sounds like a Crusty Bunker job. Hmmmm? Try and pick what pages where done by who. The book is Really great. It is a must have. Dinosaurs, the Sensei from Deadman, Ra's Al Ghul, and 2 new characters, one of which was on the cover of Issue#5 which I know everyone questioned, "Who is that guy in blue and purple?"
I know everyone is busy with the 52 but I would definitely get this and make it 53.

Also still out on the stands is "New Avengers 16.1" from Marvel, another must have book. Neal Adams and Tom Palmer from the original Xmen series team up once again and they both still click. Paul Mounts does some beautiful coloring and it is scribed by Brian Michael Bendis, another master.

Blood- Dark Horse presents #5. Another 8 page sequence. Tons of blood and violence. Lionel is still alive yet still getting a beating. I don't know how he's doing it. He certainly doesn't have a glass jaw, that's for sure.  The story is also starting to go into where the Blood character comes from.  Again, a series that should be followed closely.

Prints and sketch books. You really have to check out our store and see our super sale on sketchbooks for Xmas which you can have Neal Adams customize with your favorite characters. A fantastic Xmas present for yourself or that special someone - which is yourself. Ha ha.

See you next week. (Maybe not if I play to much Camp Cabela.)

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